Crucible Questions

Topics: Salem witch trials, The Crucible, Hanging Pages: 2 (382 words) Published: April 19, 2012
Name: January 9, 2012
Act four questions for review
HOMEWORK: DUE TUESDAY January 10, 2011 (35 points)

For each question below, answer in your own words with and explain the what, why, how…Include a quotation from Act 4 which shows your understanding.

1.What is the effect of Sarah Good’s and Tituba’s talk about flying south? Why does Miller include it? a.Both know that they are going to die, that they don’t have a chance of living. b.They want their freedom…talking/day dreaming

c.It gives Tituba character dimension, her life, her dream
i.“Oh majesty comin’” (The devil is coming)
d.Tituba has accepted the label of devil worshiper

2.How has Parris changed? Why doesn’t the news that Abigail and Mercy have left town affect the decision of the court? How is Danforth a victim of his own logic? Parris
a.Making anyone who he deems “evil” public. Wanted everyone to be on his side. b.Lots of power at the beginning. Danforth stole his power. c.Got afraid. Abigail stole all of his money. No support, Abigail stole his power and his voice. Makes him look really stupid. i.His only defense was Abigail

ii.Losing all of his money devalues his place Salem, and he looks stupid because of Abigail’s actions 1.“Excellency, I would postpone these hangings for a time” Danforth
a.Was listening to the girls the entire time, which lead to deaths. b.Danforth was following the word of God.
c.Religion…Danforth is grasping at straws.
a.Every time Danforth finds logic in something, there is evidence to disprove his theory. i.Others see Danforth as someone bullheaded, doesn’t want to be wrong. The judge, jury and execution, no one has any reason to believe him anymore.

3.Why has Hale returned? How has he changed? Why has he changed?

4.Why does Danforth allow Elizabeth to speak to John Proctor? How has she changed toward her husband? Why doesn’t she take Hale’s advice?

5.How and why does Giles die? Why wasn’t he hanged?

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