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  • Published : December 12, 2012
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Justice and The Crucible
While justice is meant to be directed with upmost fairness and equality, Arthur Miller’s film The Crucible demonstrates that this does not always succeed, and in many situations the forces of injustices are exposed. From different points of views, justice can be formed or destroyed. In the film The Crucible, Arthur Miller convinces his audience that reason, emotion, and character shows injustice throughout the social hardship in a Puritan community. Justice is one of the main themes that is shown throughout The Crucible. Justice is meant to be administrated with upmost fairness and equality. It is also supposed to be based on ethics, rationality, law, natural law, religion, or equity. In The Crucible, it demonstrates that in many circumstances, forces of injustice are shown. To have justice, people were to lie in court and tell the judge that they were witches. If they had not admitted to being a witch, they would have been killed. Everyone in the film is blind to the truth. Judge Danforth believes in theocracy and believes the legal system will bring about truth and justice in every situation. At the end of the film, the judges and the people of the town believe John Proctor will receive justice but turns out he exactly receives the opposite. This is very ironic because John Proctor just wanted to help his wife and friends. In The Crucible, Arthur Miller shows that reason can helps anything become justice or injustice based on the reason of the people and the court. In the film, reason is shown when there is any crazy thing happening, yet no one realizes how crazy it really is. Everyone throughout the film uses different reasoning for their own craziness. Through different perspectives, justice will be served or injustice will be pushed through. In The Crucible, John Proctor seems to be the only voice of reason. He is the only one who knows the real truth behind Abigail’s lies. Nurse Rebecca could also be seen as the voice of reason....
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