Crucible Diary Project

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  • Published : January 6, 2013
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The Crucible character diary project
(Descriptive entry)
I awoke today with the light streaming into my room and hearing the birds chirping in the distance. As I regained my conscience, I smelled the mold and felt damp room conditions all around me that imprisoned me. It reminded me of what would have happened only in a nightmare. It was only yesterday that Corey, Nurse, Hale and I had gone to help the accused women. So many times I felt that I could win the battle, yet just as many times I could feel the rope slipping through my fingers. Mary Warren, that weakling, attempted to bring about the truth about Abigail but Danforth and Parris, loggerheaded, flap-mouthed louts, attacked her. She even decided to lie to make Danforth and Parris see reason, but no matter what, they would not stop barking at her. But she is also at fault; clearly she cannot handle pressure. Had they been animals, I would surely have slit their throats to silence them. Abigail began to turn against Mary. My anger and guilt that have been brewing inside my gut for several weeks now finally regurgitated. I confessed! I confessed to committing adultery with Abigail. Oh how dearly I wanted to stop this madness and ruin her credibility. Out of fury, I wrenched the vile animal by her hair, as if I could take her head off with it. At first the judges did not believe me, but when Elizabeth was brought in, she attempted to protect me and said that I never committed such a sin. I can now see that she is completely allegiant and that I completely regret what I did; I have forgotten what love meant. It weakens my knees and brings tears to my eyes to see how I have completely disremembered the love and the trust of my one and only wife. However, as I took a glanced at Abigail, there was a slight smile behind her maddened face. She acted up again and began to copy everything that Mary said. At first, it was just her, but like a spectacle, the rest of them followed inherently and heedlessly. Incomprehensibly, Mary collapsed. The wall protecting her and me finally fell to Abigail’s constant battering. In the weakness of her poor heart, she concocted a lie and accused me to be under the influence of the devil. I felt the blood in my veins rushing to my head and the pulsation of my inner beats. The pulses of my heart were pounding uncontrollably against my temple. Obviously I was quiet enraged but from there to my cell, I do not remember much. As I was taken out of the courtroom, I heard the real corrupt witch continuously howling that pains my ear so much. I can only image what Elizabeth could be doing now, only in my head, and never in truly anymore.

(Narrative entry)
I open my trunk and pulled out the diary that Elizabeth presented to me as a gift many years ago. I take comfort in the fact that her breath stained these pages and the days when no barriers fell between us. Now with a pen in my hand and a brand new diary that smelled like a new bible, I begin to recall the incidence of last night. Perhaps the best way to placate is to vent, I cannot tell anyone but you. My bond with Elizabeth was deteriorating; she had suggested that I go to Salem to testify against Abigail. Self-consciously, I told myself to not get involved with the trials to keep my deadly sin of adultery to myself and I wanted to sever my ties with Abigail forever. I only wanted to move on with life as a good follower of God, instead of dwelling upon the past. When Mary Warren was not home, I realized that she clearly forbade my command. She told me about Abigail convicting many women. I thought it to be titterable in a way. However, when she mentioned Elizabeth, I turned into a lion pouncing on a prey. That night Hale came to my home to judge me, as God would do. I feel lost, as if the whole world was turning their backs against me, but it way my fault for having forgot one of the Ten Commandments. I feel that I have let Him down and now I know how Goody Osborne felt in the...
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