Crucible Diary Entries

Topics: The Crucible, God, Salem witch trials Pages: 3 (898 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Crucible Writing Assignment (#2)

Dear Diary,
Alright I’m starting this diary so I can at least tell someone about how exciting my life is! I currently work as a housekeeper in house of the Proctor family, and it’s really fun. No, it’s not the work that’s fun, but it is the fact that I am kind of involved with John (Mr. Proctor). I know it sounds bad since he is married, but God put us together under the same roof for one reason; to unite our hearts. His wife is sickly and pregnant, so she never notices. It felt wrong at first, but since I’ve a crush on John for a long time, I just had to make a move. Mrs. Proctor is very demanding as well. Since I am the housekeeper, I have to take care of all of her needs. She is such a demanding and dependant person, so I can see why John needs to get away from her. I’ll write more when I can! Abigail

Dear Diary
It’s been a month since I’ve written my last entry, and a lot has happened. For starters, John and I don’t see each other as much anymore. I think it is because his wife got healthier and she realized I threatened her home so she fired me as her housekeeper. I don’t mind though because John and I don’t have to see each other to be together. We have a spiritual and emotional connection that we both feel even when we’re apart. He never admits it, but I feel it so he must feel it too. Also something very terrible happened. I was out in the woods with a few of my friends and Tituba, (a slave and housekeeper for another family) because she was trying to conjure spirits. I don’t even know why she was, but all of us just got so excited! We are never allowed to have fun or do anything exciting, so all of the girls just tagged along. Well my uncle caught us and the next thing I know, two girls in our village won’t wake up! They just freaked out and then fainted. Next thing I know, everyone is blaming us for witchcraft and then I am blaming Tituba! I started freaking out like I had seen the devil and just went...
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