Crucible- Belonging Plus Related Text

Topics: Salem witch trials, The Crucible, John Proctor Pages: 3 (827 words) Published: July 27, 2011
To belong is something deep comples and one can look at the notion of belonging in many ways and my texts have gained me vast insights into the concepts of belonging such as self belonging, belonging to community and the power of belongin to somehting “The crucible” a play written by Arthur miller, “The Bra Boy’s” a film biography about the lives of the bra boys surf tribe directed and written by Sunny Abberton and the song “Found” written and performed by the band “Horrorshow” Through the use of lyrics, quotes, themes a dramatic techniques have each allowed me to gain further insight’s into concepts of belonging.

The play “The Crucible” dramatizes the destruction of a community by mass hysteria caused by members of the community accusing one another of practicing witch craft and devil worship. The play is based on events which took place in the puritan town of Salem Massachusetts in 1692, when a group of young girls were caught dancing naked in the forest by reveren paris the girls banded together and in their own defense used already apparent fears of witchcraft and the devil within the community as a mechanism to cause mass hysteria within the town leading to numerous town court proceedings causing villagers to accuse innocents of consorting with the devil which acted as a smoke screen to quash the accusations against the girls themselves and was also used to fuel their self interest and greed The ringleader of the girls was abigial and she was determined to use her power of not belonging to the community to court the man she desired, Procoter, who was caught up her web of lies leading to his destruction..

There Are particular scenes of the play which furthered my insights into the concepts of belonging. The concept of self belonging is represented by john proctor, Unlike most villagers in the community he in his own way remained a christian man but he belonged to himself rather then the rest of the over zealous religious community....
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