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Name: Milon Makhmud
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The tragedy of lust

In the play Anne Pedersdotter the author describes the Middle Ages period where the witchcraft is severely punished by inquisition and there is belief that the evil forces in the face of Satan and his powers are present. The play presents a very exciting and tragic fate of the priest Absalon who is widower and takes young beautiful woman called Anne as a wife. He also has a son called Martin who is in love with his young wife. Being a very honest, deliberate and honorable man, the Priest makes a big mistake by saving the life of Anne’s mother who was convicted to death for witchcraft. He puts his personal motives and interests first instead of punishing the mother of Anne and marrying young lady while being blinded by her beauty. At the end of the play Absalon finds out that Martin and his young wife are both in love with each other. In a short dialogue, his wife tells him that she never loved the Priest and he dies. After that, Anne is convicted of summoning the dark forces and thus killing the father of Martin. Absolon creates such circumstances that result in the terrible and tragic fate of Anne Pedersdotter. Above and beyond that, Martin is loved by the young lady and they have a very strong love affair where Absolon is complication. Finally, Merete dislikes Absalon’s wife and creates

We certainly try to empathize with the Absalon because he is portrayed as decent and noble Priest who fights evil forces in the times of darkness and danger. His mother Meret, who brought her son in strict and conservative traditions, could not withstand his possession of Anne. Absalon’s mother disliked his wife. The old priest finds a joy marrying a young bride while forgetting his main meaning in life which is a witch hunt. “I was blinded by your beauty…But I took your youth without payment” (77-78)....
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