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Justice is meant to be administered with the upmost fairness and equality, although Aurther Millers play The Crucible demonstrates that this does not always prevail, and in numerous circumstances the forces of injustices are exposed. Those appointed to administer justice often misuse their power resulting in a lack of justice. The judges in the court of Salam do not deliver justice fairly and accuse those who are innocent without any tangible evidence. In addition, Justice failed to protect the individuals of Salam and instead was blinded by their personal jealousies, vengeance, fear and greed.

Those appointed to administer justice often misuse their power resulting in a lack of justice. Judge Danforth is a character that believes in theocracy and is convinced that the legal system will bring about truth and justice, in every situation. He decides to use Abigail's intangible evidence and therefore obstructs the course of justice. Instead the court should act impartially and guilt should be proven with tangible evidence. He believes himself to be doing the right thing "I speak gods law" although he is unaware that he is condemning the innocent victims of Salam. He lets Abigail manipulate the situation and does not investigate the issue any further even when John and Mary provide him with evidence that the accusations are false. John Proctor is initially one of the only characters in Salam who sees the injustices of the court. Due to his ethical and moral beliefs he believes that by the end the right thing will come about and justice will be served. Proctor is able to see that Abigail is using her power to get rid of Elizabeth so she can take her place as his wife. "I'll not give my wife to vengeance." He tries to save his wife and friends and he himself ends up condemned. He does the right thing and dies for it, and once again the court failed to recognize the truth as they relied on their rulings of intangible evidence.

In The Crucible justice failed to protect the innocent, as individuals of Salam used the witch trials to make wild accusations against their neighbors for their own personal gain. The emotion of greed and jealousy is mainly shown through the Putnam family in order to gain more land, and to settle old grievances. Thomas Putnam takes advantage of the witch trials and is quick to accuse people so he can take over their land. .".this man is killing his neighbors for their land!" He starts arguing about the boundaries of his land as he tries to drag John Proctor into a witch scandal. This is done so that Putnam can buy up the land when it becomes forfeited. Goody Putnam accuses the honest Rebecca Nurse about the supernatural murders of her dead children. Mrs Putnam envies for the family that Rebecca is proud to have and this causes her to accuse Rebecca of killing her children through witchcraft. She corrupts justice by accusing innocent victims, as she can't come to terms with not being able to produce healthy children. Fear is a powerful emotion and also a reason for the unjust accusations made. Abigail uses her power of fear to control the girls and force them to join her. Through their combined fear the girls learn to pass the blame onto others. This is done no-matter what the consequences of their unjust actions. "Is the accuser always holy now"" This led the Salam community to believe that they're highly moral and upstanding neighbors are responsible for these sinful actions. Abigail uses this opportunity to gain control over the adults of Salam, and accuses Elizabeth of witchcraft in order to be with John Proctor. "Private vengeance is taking over the testimony" This is as a result of her lust for John and jealousy towards Elizabeth.

many members of Salam community took advantage of this hysteria for personal gain. Therefore justice cannot protect the innocent as it has been abused.

the innocent have been condemned while the guilty have been protected. Those appointed to administer justice...
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