Crt/205 Identifying Rhetorical Devices

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  • Published : April 10, 2013
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Many rhetorical devices are used in the article, “Factory Farming Ignores the Suffering of Animals.” This article contained many innuendos, euphemism, dysphemism, hyperboles, horse laugh, downplayers, and weaselers. A type of innuendo that is used in this article is that Oliver Broudy asks a good amount of loaded questions to Peter Singer about animal rights. For example, Broudy (2009) asks, “And finally, it turns out that a wood chipper is not the best way to dispose of 10,000 spent hens” (p. 1). This question assumes that spent hens are thrown into the wood chipper. In addition, there is sarcasm in this question. Broudy uses euphemism when asking questions to Singer so Broudy can stay neutral and find out more facts than opinions. However, Singer responds to Broudy's questions with tons of dysphemism to show his passion about his argument. Peter Singer uses many hyperboles to exaggerate the feelings and misery of the hens throughout this article. Horse laugh is present in a few parts of this article when Oliver Broudy asks certain questions to Peter Singer. When Oliver Broudy (2006) asks, “But surely there's a significant difference between a Jew, for instance, and a chicken. These are different orders of beings,” Broudy is downplaying the phrase “order of beings” (p. 1). This article also contains weaselers where Peter Singer states that the hens may or may not eat part of the remnants from the slaughterhouse (Broudy, 2009).

Rhetorical devices can be categorized by the importance and the impact that each rhetorical device contribute to the article. However, in this case, this is an interview. Therefore, the rhetorical devices can be categorized by the two different people using them. However, innuendos, euphemisms, downplayers and weaselers can be in the same category because these rhetorical devices enhance or decrease the main intentions of the words and phrases. Hyperboles and horse laugh can be in the same category because their functions contain some...
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