Crowd Control vs Crowd Management (for a Powerpoint)

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  • Published : November 19, 2006
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Crowd Control

(All persons have the right to march, demonstrate, protest, rally, or perform other activities protected by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and The California Constitution. However, any limitations or restrictions placed on demonstrations or other First Amendment activities must be justified by the requirements of maintaining public safety, public health, or safe access/ egress from the area, and should restrict no more speech than necessary.)

-Techniques used to address unlawful public assemblies, including display of formidable numbers of police offenders, crowd containment, dispersal tactics and arrest procedures

*When is control needed?
-When a demonstration turns into a riot, police (usually specialized units rather than on-duty patrol officers) are called in. A riot occurs when crowds or even small groups of people have gathered and are committing or seem about to commit crimes or acts of violence usually in reaction to a perceived grievance or out of dissent, but sometimes for no immediately apparent reason.

-Riots are a result of= poor living conditions, government oppression, efforts at taxation or conscription, conflicts b/w races or religions, or even the outcome of a sporting event or as protest against perceived cultural colonialism.

*Riot Control:
a.Police must not be affected by the content of the opinions being expressed nor by the race, gender, sexual orientation, physical disabilities, appearances, or affiliation of anyone exercising their lawful rights. (Unprofessional police behavior can inflame a tense situation and make control efforts more difficult and dangerous.) b.A response must show strong leadership and be based on teamwork in order to maintain control and safety. c.Must remain at their posts well in advance of arriving participants and will be positioned at a reasonable distance from the crowd to avoid a perception of intimidation. 2.Officer Attire:

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