Crouching Tiger, Hidden Tiger Script Analysis

Topics: Protagonist, Character, Love Pages: 3 (1331 words) Published: January 26, 2013
Script analysis

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is a beautifully written film based on the concept of two star crossed lover’s. It is a beautifully written film. The section that we are analyzing is a pivotal point in the movie because it is where one begins to see the main character’s more in depth and understand the true motivation of Lo and Jen. The scene begins with the introduction of Jen and Lo; we are initially oblivious to the relationship between the two characters. They have a brief exchange which alludes to a more familiar relationship. At this point the writer uses a flash back sequences that provides the back story on both character’s. The flashback begins with Jen admiring a jade comb, which by the description we see that the comb has a significant sentimental value to Jen it was her grand-mother’s and has been passed down from prior generations. After we get a feel for the value of the comb we also get a brief idea of Jen’s character and the significance her family pedigree. Quickly after this exposition the writer quickly transitions into the initial fight scene and a seemingly intimate moment is abruptly cut short by a group of outlaws. This is the first point of attack and also where Lo (Dark cloud) is first introduced, this is also a brief reprieve before the inciting incident when the comb is stolen by Lo. When the comb is stolen this almost intentionally provokes Jen into rising the action and moving the plot forward. Jen without a thought responds quickly to the inciting incident and immediately responds with a reversal in character, we assume that because of Jen’s aristocratic lineage that she would not be able to respond so instinctually to the provocation. However, without a second thought when her cherished comb is stolen, she automatically grabs a lance from a dead guard and begins to chase the caravan on horse. This chase continues to depict the change in Jens character and the closer she gets to the rogues the further...
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