Crossing the Wire

Topics: United States, Mexico, Canada – United States border Pages: 2 (514 words) Published: March 26, 2012
Crossing the Wire Will Hobbs

The Mexican American Border7th Grade

In the middle of Victor’s journey with Miguel
they get separated and Victor becomes face to
face with a puma.

I will recommend this book to my friends because it is full of excitement and tough challenges.


Description of Major Characters

Victor Flores- a 15 year old boy living in central Mexico full of perseverance and determination to cross the Mexican – American border to find work in the united states to support his family.

Rico- Victor’s best friend who must cross the border to support his parents living in central Mexico.

Miguel- a wise young father of four Victor met in his journey. Victor tags along with Miguel as they cross the border until they run into border patrol and get split up.

Julio- a street wise kid who earns pocket money with Victor in a cramped border town until he decides to move on and cross the border through a drainage tunnel that ends up in the U.S. when it rains.


This book starts out in central Mexico but when 15 year old Victor Flores’ family needs money victor has to cross the border to find work in the states. On Victor’s journey he meets a man named Miguel and together they try to cross the border into the states. On their journey the run into the border patrol and get split up.

Later on victor meets Julio and together they work on the streets trying to put together their plan to cross the border. One day it started raining and Julio knew that it was the perfect opportunity to float through the drainage tunnel that ends on the other side of the border. Victor decides not to go.

A few weeks later Victor notices an old friend standing in line at the soup kitchen. It was Rico! Victor couldn’t believe it he’d thought that Rico had already crossed the border. So they spent a few days catching up and planning their journey across the border. They set off a few days later as mules with a few...
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