Crossing the Border and Reaching the Light

Topics: United States, Immigration to the United States, 2006 albums Pages: 1 (481 words) Published: May 27, 2013
There is a big controversy on whether or not children born outside the United States, and brought here illegally by their parents, should have rights or not. Kids of these illegal immigrants should have at least some of the rights U.S. citizens have. The children did not choose to come here, they cannot leave anytime they want to, they may end up homeless if they cannot work as they get older, and they definitely should not be punished for something their parents did. The parents who came to America illegally did choose a bad life for their children but, the children should not be punished for that. The children did not choose to come here and it is not their fault; it is their parents’ fault. They should be able to go to school, get educated, and get a job later in life to support themselves. Just because their parents brought them here illegally, doesn’t mean the children should be punished for it. If the children cannot get some form of education and a job when they get older, they could end up having a very tough life, and have a hard time supporting themselves. The children would not be able to just walk out the door, leave their parents, and fly back out of America; it isn’t up to them. Even if they did leave their parents, they would not have a great way of earning income. It really affects a child if they are not able to go to school and learn how to interact with other people. They may end up socially awkward and may get teased. That is no way for a child to live. If that child is unable to get a job later on in life they may end up broke, homeless, and starving. These kids could end up being out on the streets later in life, pleading for the slightest amount of spare change. They would not know when their next meal would come or, how they would afford anything. They may end up stealing just to get by. This is a difficult life for anyone to have to live. That child may go into a depressive state, and it would be a rough life for them. What if that was...
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