Crossing Border

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  • Published : April 13, 2013
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Crossing Borders

“Crossing Border” is a documentary about four Moroccan and four American university students traveling together through Morocco and, in the process of discovering “the other,” they end up discovering themselves as well. Watching this documentary open my mind of the people around me and how people do judge other people based on their beliefs and background without even knowing who they are, and to be honest I used to be one those people as well. In the beginning of the documentary, the American students were talking about the news and how it made them think at first that Muslims were terrorists and irrational and are always full of rage. When I heard that part I was not surprised especially watching the news after September 11. While on the other side, the Muslim students describe the Americas as rude and selfish and only care about themselves, which I never really thought about what Muslims really think about America, but none of the sides actually experience what it feels like to in the other person position. Before watching this movie, I never really imagined how it feels like to be a Muslim not living in the United States and how they are also affected as well as Muslim living in America. I thought that was a great idea bring people from different backgrounds and culture together and talk to each other about the stereotypes they hear. My youth group did a similar project so I can relate to how they felt. In tenth grade I went on a field trip for diversity day and we went to a high school that had a diversity of background of religion. Their were Muslim, Jews, Christian atheist and a lot more religion that I never even knew existed. We went to a room that had a lot of white board and in the middle of each board was a label of a religion where we would write the first word that came in our head when we seen that word. Then after we would talk as a group we reliazed that almost all of them were negative thoughts and how media...
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