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The benefits of CrossFit and how it can be used to improve Scottish fitness

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Fitness in Scotland has firmly been linked to the lack of physical recreation rates on a daily and weekly basis (National Physical Activity Strategy, 2003-Present). This report will look at the pros and cons of using Sport fitness to gain fitness. Primarily looking at the world of CrossFit and its impact on health and fitness in other countries and how this can be implemented into Scottish society. Fitness will be defined and how fitness can be made more attainable through the use of CrossFit. CrossFit itself will be broken down from its establishment to the current rise of its now popularity over the world. It will be looked at how it has used its brand name to create a cult in fitness addicts and how this inspires others to get involved in fitness. Scotland has a large amount of people who do not get involved in sport or physical recreation, with only 34% of adults taking part in any physical recreation (excluding walking) at least once per week (Sports participation in Scotland, 2007). Also notably with a high percentile of this being Male adults, with SportScotland stating that keep-fit and aerobics steadily declining over the past ten years with adults (Sports participation in Scotland, 2007). Crossfit was seen to be a way in which short high intensity training sessions are able to deliver the same effects as hours spent in the gym trying to gain a good level of fitness. Through these workouts which have been created over the last ten years there is a plethora of ways in which to work on strength and endurance at the same time within an everyday working person’s schedule. With the rapid growth of CrossFit it also has become a sport in which people may compete, adding a fun aspect to this way of training and furthermore more helping motivate people. This leads onto the cult that is “CrossFit” and how within this large and ever growing group of fitness addicts there are tournaments and games to compete their fitness against others. With over 25,000 individuals participating in CrossFit events such as the 2011 online competition (VanHouten, 2012). It is clear to see there are a number of people participating in this way of gaining fitness through the means of creating fitness itself into a sport. Literature Review

Essentially CrossFit is the combination of many different physical movements ranging from Olympic Weightlifting exercises to rope climbing, thus allowing CrossFit to be extremely versatile in creating varied workouts that suit everyday movements and physical demands. Where CrossFit differs from most workouts is with durations being of a small amount of time (low volume) and the intensity being of high to very high. This therefore has its benefits for people with time constrained lives who do not have enough hours in the day to fit in 1-2 hours at the gym. So what is fitness? And how do the general public get fit? These are questions that Crossfit can help grant people with who are willing to give it a try. Firstly fitness was looked upon scientifically as survivability (Kilgore et al, 2011), but looking at what humans had to do hundreds of years ago compared to the reality of today greatly changes our perspective of ‘what is fitness?’. Historically years ago humans had to physically be capable of hunting and everyday labour in order to survive, so things like obesity where not as common as in today. The book ‘Fit’ by Kilgore L, Hartman M and Lascek J looks at the unconventional ways in which to use conventional methods in order to gain fitness. Kilgore et al look at the general perception of what fitness is and how people have defined fitness through time in the last hundred years. It looks at how in the beginning fitness was looked upon as someone with the...
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