Cross Selling in Banking

Topics: Bank, Cheque, Sales Pages: 2 (501 words) Published: September 6, 2010
Cross-selling stands for being able to offer to the existing bank customers, some additional banking products, with a view to expand banking business, reduce the per customer cost of operations and provide more satisfaction and value to the customer. For instance, when a bank is in a position to sell to a deposit customer (say saving bank or term deposit), a loan product such as housing loan, credit card, personal loan or vice-versa, this would result into additional business and lead to low per customer cost and higher per customer earning. Revived focus : In the present day context, the cross selling has come into focus, as some of the new private banks (ICICI Bank) have been able to offer to their customer a variety of products and thus generate more business through cross selling. But for most of the public sector banks, in particular, the concept in its new form, is still at its evolutionary stage. Scope of cross selling : The crossing selling may take place on the liability side (i.e. different kinds of deposit accounts) or on the asset side (i.e. loans for different requirements) or between the two. It could be either at the initiative of the customers or a bank can implement it as a well prepared strategy. Benefits from cross selling : The major benefit is in terms of cost reduction as for a bank, the cost of contracting a new customer is much higher than to serve an existing customer (may be up to 3-4 times). Further, through cross selling the benefits of economies are available to the bank, which reduce the cost further and increase the profits. Another additional advantage is that the cross selling helps in building brand value if the loyalty of the customer could be ensured for the brand, as in that case the likelihood of shifting the business dealings to another organisation/bank by the customer, is much less. Strategies for cross selling: The existing client base of the banks could be used by them for the purpose of cross selling...
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