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The construction of USD 30000 million, Crossrail in London will provide significant travel advantages to growing communities of Maidenhead, Shenfield in Essex via Heathrow airport and central London. The Transport for London, UK is constructing the Crossrail Project which will link Maidenhead in Berkshire to Shenfield in Essex via Heathrow airport and central London. The project announced in 2006, is scheduled for completion in 2017.

The purpose of the project is to relieve pressure of existing service congestion and meet the growing demand for transport through the construction of an urban rail system.

Its key objectives is to lower transport-related greenhouse gas emissions, increase the contribution of State highways to the environmental and social wellbeing by improving energy efficiency and public health and to enable improved and more reliable access and mobility for people and freight.

Crossrail is a project to build major new railway connections under central London. The project's name refers to the first of two routes proposed by Cross London Rail Links Ltd, based around an east-west tunnel from Paddington to Liverpool Street station. The second route is the Chelsea-Hackney line.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown officially approved the Crossrail project on 5 October 2007after a funding deal covering the first line was worked out with various public and private sources. The Crossrail Act received the Royal Assent on 22 July 2008. In late 2008 the final funding agreement, which committed full finance for the project, was signed.

The first trains are due to run in 2017. 10-coach trains, roughly 200 metres long will run at high frequencies of up to 24 trains per hour (tph) in each direction during the peak periods through the central tunnel section, complementing the existing north-south Thames link route. Crossrail ticketing is intended to be integrated with the other London transport systems, with Oyster Card Pay As You Go being valid on the...
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