Cross Cultural Paper

Topics: High school, Racism, School types Pages: 4 (1698 words) Published: November 7, 2011
Cross Cultural Analysis Essay

I was born in Miami, Florida, which is in South Florida. I am a 22-year-old, straight, half Christian half jewish male who was born into a high social class. Growing up my mother instilled a sense of religion in me as my family attended church on a regular basis. I am the younger of two children and I am an athletic, on the shorter side, black haired, green eyed, Cuban American. My older brother Jesse Kapel is 29 years old, male, married and with a one year old baby. I have always looked up to my brother as a role model. I speak English and Spanish fluently. I had a wealth of educational resources available to me since I went to a private school from kindergarten to fifth grade. My middle school was much more diverse than my private elementary school. I attended the local public high school, which was mostly white. However there were many racial issues between blacks, hispanics, and whites. Many of which ended up in fights. All three schools however were high rated schools in which I felt I got the most out of my education. I did not have choices on my schooling until I reached high school in which I chose to attend the districts public school assigned to my zone. I have a tight knit family with two married parents and one older brother. My family’s socio-economic status is high class because my father, Cliiff Kapel own his own aviation business. My mom and dad are CEO and COO of their business that they run mostly out of South America. The advantages to my family’s status were that all the resources for anything were at my disposal. I never struggled for anything growing up. Anything I needed was always provided for me. The disadvantages however were that since the majority of our class was white, sometimes I experienced levels of racism even though I am half white. People would make jokes such as did I float to Florida on a tire or I must be a really good swimmer, among other things. Personally, my racial experiences only...
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