Cross Cultural Management Solatron Case

Topics: Kenya, Nairobi, Individualist anarchism Pages: 2 (532 words) Published: September 27, 2010
Case Study: Solartron (B)


* Strengths:

First of all, the Uncertainty Avoidance of Marcil and Beida are quite similar (respectively 48 and 52). This contributes to their winning of the 500 units tender as they both agree to what extent they can take risk.

Then, Marcil impressed Beida, and this contributed to his involvement in the joint-venture. Marcil has a 52 rate of Masculinity. He cares about ambition, competitiveness, and outcome. The Canadian entrepreneur is a successful businessman, so it consequently inspires respect and trust to Beida.

Beida got along with Marcil rapidly too. Eastern Africa has a Masculinity rate 11 points inferior to Canada (41 rate). So, people care a lot about relationships and communication.

Thanks to that feature, Marcil felt directly welcomed in Kenya and got a good feeling about this enterprise and about his new cooperation and partner.

* Issues:

Marcil is not enthusiast about a joint venture. That is because he is a strong Individualist (Canada has one of the most important rate, 80). In that sense, he would prefer ratifying a licensing contract instead of investing cash from his own society in Kenya. Conversely, Beida has an Individualism rate three times inferior to Marcil’s one (27). Hence, its real desire for this kind of merged society.

This collectivism trend (27 in individualism index) makes Beida felt like being part of a cohesive group. He expects Marcil to show his attachment too. However, the latter is a strong “individualist” man who has to deal with his own firm concerns first.

The other problem comes from the gap between the Power Distance of Eastern Africa and Canada. Marcil does not feel like having to be in Nairobi all the time, he can delegate the decision process as its power distance rate is only 39. On the other side, the Kenyan businessman believes in a strong hierarchy. As a consequence of having a 64 rate, he needs his partner showing more commitment dealing...
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