Cross Cultural Management and Organizations Performance

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  • Published : August 15, 2011
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Human Resource Management

Study on

“Cross Cultural Management And Organizational Performance”

Group Members:
Dhrumit Punmiya (101312)Manan Pamani (10132) Nikita Goyal (101330)



The world has become an integrated place- a person driving a BMW to his office in Hyderabad wearing an Italian suit, a Swiss watch, working for a client in U.S. This is a common trend that is now observed across majority of the organizations.Many multinational companies providing high quality products and services need dynamic workforce to manage the activities of the organization. So, people from different cultures, backgrounds, interests, behaviour and values as proposed by their culture interact with each other and form a part of the organization. This has resulted into many multi-cultural challenges faced by the international organizations at employee level. So, it results into the need for management of such diverse workforce in the organization which gives rise to the concept of Cross Cultural Management. Cross Cultural Management refers to the management practice of managing the cultural differences between the different people of the organization in order to ensure smooth communication for achievement of the organizational objectives. There are many strategic alliances in today’s global economy of the world which gives rise to the need of establishing intercultural competencies to form strong working relationships with subordinates, business associates and clients. There is a need for individuals of different cultures and nationalities work together as a team and share their knowledge and do not entangle themselves with cultural disputes and differences. For this, there has to be a harmony between them as well as understanding of and respect for each other’s culture and values. The organizational performance could...
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