Cross Cultural Leadership

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Cross-cultural leadership in global business

Leadership is the process of getting work done through others. A leader encourages and motivates others towards accomplishment of certain pre-defined organizational goals. The management maintains the status quo whereas the leadership is responsible for predicting fresh solutions and methodologies. The leadership is responsible for motivating people to bring out their best. The modern leader must be multicultural because corporate success, profit, and growth depend increasingly on the management of a diverse work force. Cross-cultural leadership is a term that identify the diversity of work culture, the fact that the leader (or leaders) may come from social, linguistic, ethnic, or cultural groups but work would be remain same for all. Working with people from different countries, conducting meeting, dealing with clients, entertaining, negotiating and corresponding with colleagues or clients can be a beneficial to the employee to understand the intercultural differences. Understanding intercultural difference ultimately breaks down the barrier and helps to build trust and increase good relationship which yields concrete results in terms of business success. Few key components of cross cultural leadership skill are:

 Attitudes towards time,
Personal boundaries and social interactions
 Effectively managing a multicultural business requires at least a basic knowledge of employee’s culture and traditions. Familiarity with both is essential because each has a bearing on an employee's every day behavior. Whether we realize it or not, culture and tradition are powerful principles we always carry with us. Culture is always with people even though people are unaware of it.

ctive relationship between managers and employees. 
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