Cross Cultural in Global Business

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  • Published : January 10, 2013
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Identifying a Cross-Cultural Dilemma- China's Google dilemma

Cultural issue at hand:
Google had to decide between strict restrictions or losing all current or potential business opportunities in the world most populated country. The population of China has reached over 1.3 billion, representing the 20% of world population. The closing of Google in China has led to the boost of its domestic competitors Baidu and Sina. Besides, China’s enormous growth of internet users and booming internet advertisement market also made it hard for Google. For Google, leaving China means losing its all the best opportunities from the biggest internet market. Generally speaking, the failure to build the cultural bridges and to adapt to culture where the market exists leads to the conflicts. Considering China’s cultural diversities, long established tradition and many-layered social landscape, Western companies will have to learn a lot not only to enter, but also to stay in tune with the Chinese Market. Over the past six decades, the China took a unique, innovative path, perceived by some as “China Model”, suggesting that China and the West should learn from each other as equals. The co-existence seems to be highly dependent on this mutual understanding and learning between the China and the West.

Identify the dilemma:
Google’s shutdown its business in China is mainly due to the prevalent cyber-attacks and the strict censorship by the Chinese government. We can analyze and make assumption of the dilemma of Google in China with the cultural dimensions. First of all, China ranks lower universalism and individualism rankings than any other Asian and Western countries. Showing high emphasis on particularistic and communitarian culture with the Chinese communist ruling government where citizens need to follow, listen and stick together with the ideas or rules of their seniors and government officials than...
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