Cross-Cultural Health Perspectives

Topics: Culture, Alternative medicine, Family Pages: 2 (854 words) Published: February 23, 2013
In today’s society people have different levels of education, social status, and religious backgrounds; being that the country is so diverse no one is going see the situations the same. In the case of Alejandro; the father, mother, and the provider all want the same outcome for Alejandro, but all have different resolutions for his asthma condition. In each culture families rely on traditional medicines, home remedies, or religious ways to treat their needs. The reason might be different on why one family might use home remedies and why the other uses traditional medicines. Respeto is a normative culture value that was used throughout the case of Alejandro. This is why there must be some kind of communication between the provider and patient so they can achieve the goal. Senor Flores, Senora Flores and Dr. Jean view this situation from totally different perspectives in the case of Alejandro. During the visit to the clinic Dr. Jean wonders why Alejandro is not making visits for the asthma problem and thinks Senor Flores mean attitude is because of his Hispanic background and he is “too macho to listen to a woman doctor”. Senor Flores has to choose between providing income for his family, missing work, and why the clinic is creating more problems, and not fixing Alejandro problem. Also, Senora Flores believes God is punishing her and this is the reason why her son is ill, and does not feel comfortable coming in because of the way she is treated at the front desk once she arrives, and the way she receives the information on treating her son. If there was more understanding normative culture values and communication between the provider and the patient then more could get accomplished. As we read in the case, Senora Flores speaks very little English and does not believe in giving her son all those medications, especially when her and the other children have the same problem and do not have to take them. Senor and Senora Flores show that in the Latino culture that the...
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