Cross Cultural Experience

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  • Published: November 7, 2011
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Student: Walid ABRAZ
Date: 08/15/2011

IEP Weekly Paragraph
Write a paragraph about a specific topic, using your own ideas or taking a title from the back of this page. Below, write the new language you will practice. These new words, phrases, and grammar points can come from class or your own reading. Please feel free to type this up instead of writing on this sheet. New vocabulary words I will use * To depict * Blubbering * To forge * Come out, get out (phrasal verbs) * Foregoing * To be thrilled * Compatriots * Henceforth * Multidisciplinary| New grammar points I will use 1. Counterfactual: If I had more free time, I would travel to Nigeria to see her again… 2. Speculation: The Liquefied Natural Gas industry must undoubtedly be the most significant cross-cultural experience I’ve been faced with… 3. Transition words: Moreover, Furthermore, In other context, Despite, Unfortunately, Henceforth, In retrospect… 4. Adverb clause: As long as, by the time… 5. Idioms: Damn|

My memorable Cross-Cultural Experiences
I have always valued the learning of other languages and peoples’ cultures. As a Communications Executive who was working for an Oil & Gas company, I have always been in permanent contact with clients and partners. Also, all the events I attended, and business trips I made, allowed me to expand my international experience professionally and personally. Regarding my professional position and my field of activity, I had the chance to live strong and several intercultural experiences. Indeed, international fairs and exhibitions are in my opinion an excellent means of intercultural communication with players of varied backgrounds and different cultures. Among these prestigious events, the International Oil Exhibition I attended in November 2007 in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) was a great opportunity to exercise my skills of marketer. During this event, many were my cross-cultural experiences, not only because of my constant contact with attendants coming from 13 countries, but were also due to the different friendships I’ve built and memories I kept, such as the strong friendship forged with Mrs. Philo Ikoko, representative of a Nigerian company. With this friendly 50 years old woman coming from another country, the contact was very easy. Together we experienced lot of things, learned from each other and shared our ideas... Meeting this amazing woman marked me a lot. Besides, I always have tears coming out every time I see the pictures taken with her, or when I think about the last day of the exhibition when she came to say goodbye, offering me African statutes. I’m sure if I had more free time, I would certainly travel to Nigeria to see her again. Moreover, during my stay in Riyadh, the funniest anecdote that I can think of, is when I, with three of my colleagues, took a taxi at 11:30pm wanting to get to the mall before its scheduled closing at 12:00pm. When we were in the taxi, the driver who was Yemeni didn’t stop laughing at us watching us screaming, blubbering with each other and laughing while asking him to drive quickly. When asked he told us he had never met such a funny people. In retrospect, I consider this funny experience as cross-cultural, because as Algerians we inherit the temperate character of Mediterranean people using hand signs and gestures when speaking. In fact, this experience with the Yemeni taxi driver has left me a big impression and allowed me to learn how to behave in the future. Furthermore, LNG 16 the largest congress in the world dedicated to the Liquefied Natural Gas industry must undoubtedly be the most significant cross-cultural experience I’ve been faced with, where my professional skills as well as my personal qualities were performed on a large scale. I’ve been lucky to co-organize this prestigious event, dealing easily during several months with highly skilled Australian and British professionals. This event was a real occasion where my...
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