Cross Cultural Considerations Hca/230

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  • Published : December 11, 2012
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Cross Cultural Considerations
HCA 230
November 2, 2012

Cross Cultural Considerations
The perception of health and healthcare in the mind of the Native American culture is quite different from the culture I am from. In the world of health care and different cultures there is always room for errors in communication. For example the Native American culture in the past was much less advanced and did not want to change that. They were fine with their home remedies. However, times have changed and in order to provide more efficient healthcare to individuals they must move forward with advanced communications. This specific culture has clinics that provide health services to only Native Americans. In some states these clinics are very far behind in terms of technology. With these types of issues it is almost impossible to have a quick turn around with labs and even referrals to other doctors. This is where the flaw in communication comes in. This can even cause dangerous miscommunications with patients as well. The U. S department of human services states that Native Americans have begun to move into a better communication however, many tribes are still not financially able to fund their clinics for technology. The important thing is that these barriers are broke done so that communication is free flowing. In my opinion cultural differences will always bring difficulty in communications only because every culture has their own way of doing things especially health care. I think that it is wonderful that we are finally able to understand other cultures health care perceptions. It is important to keep looking forward to the future for the more efficient technology that will continue to improve is forms of communication in the health care industry. Although, with new technology does come complications however, if we do not try how will it ever improve.


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