Cross-Cultural Conflicts Dispute Resolution: Brockton Neighborhood Health Center

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  • Published : November 6, 2010
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Dispute Resolution 624 11/4/10 Cross-Cultural Conflicts
Professor, Rezarta Bilali Assignment # 2 Joseph A. Bettencourt

The Brockton Neighborhood Health Center, an Institution Formed and Molded By Diversity Controversy

According to behavioral theories of communication and decision-making the rational solution to a problem is not always the best answer. Therefore, when diversity creates controversy, which inhibits the development of an organization, the organization is forced to adopt other useful tactics that would result in positive outcomes. This document will focus on several aspects of cross-cultural conflicts; A) Conflict assumptions. B) Cultural constituted phenomenon. C) Devaluation of groups, and D) Interpretive theory. Background:

In 1990, the Federal Government declared that seven continuous census tracks in Brockton Massachusetts, made up a Medically Underserved Area (MUA). That the area from Oak Street to Nilsson Street the medical needs of that population was not met. Statistic showed that the birth rate of women in the age category of 15-19 in Brockton from 1985-1990 was 66 births for every 1000 women, compared to statewide this figure was double, 33 births for every 1000 women. It was found that in Brockton alone 100 infant children had die during child birth, and elderly individuals where not receiving the proper healthcare. The Federal Government appointed a task force to deal with this issue, by providing funding for the construction of a health care center near the MUA area. The site selected for this construction was smack in the middle of the business district of Brockton. These actions created uproar with the business owners and upstanding citizens in the area. Those opposed argued that the location for the Health Care would draw unwanted deprived people to their community creating an unsafe environment for the...
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