Cross-Cultural Awareness and Respect

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  • Published : June 15, 2011
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Project: Cross-Cultural Awareness and Respect
Unit 5 Assignment
CJ 246

April 9, 2011
Criminal justice professional are “on the front lines” when it comes to cultural interactions. Using police officers as an example, this paper will determine the qualifications needed to interact with different cultures. First, we would test that persons awareness of different cultures is he or she aware that they are different and they do exist.

Then we would test that persons understanding of different cultures, how much do they know. Last, we would test that persons respect toward other cultures, concentrating on attitude. First, we must discuss why culture is important in the field of criminal justice. Ultimately, police officer’s will not be assigned to a case based on his or her race or ethnicity.

In an emergency, the race will not be known as the officer gets the call and is assigned. Furthermore if the race is known it would be unethical to try and find a police officer of that race to answer the call. What kind of person would it take to be a cultured police officer? Let us start with a person’s awareness of cultural differences.

What does it take to be aware? A universal quality would be experience; you would not put an officer in a shootout without training them on weapons. I imagine that most people think they are aware of different cultures; the real question is to what degree does their awareness cove. The officer has shot a gun before, but their degree of accuracy is not suitable for a shootout.

The same concept can be carried over into cultural awareness; your awareness of different cultures must be diverse. Let us move into a person’s understanding of different cultures in retrospect of criminal justice. If an officer doesn’t the law then he should not enforce it, the same goes for cultural understanding. Imagine an officer from the county moving into a large city job.

The culture would be completely different and that officer would not...
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