Cross Cultural Approach

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Cross Cultural Approach

By | October 2010
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Mergers and alliances have become very essential as the world has become a global village and successful businessmen are looking to do business outside of their territories. To successfully do this one must be able to understand the culture of the people they intend to merge with. Without proper understanding the merger would fail.

In this presentation I am going to look at three companies from three different cultures TECHNOGHANA, a Ghanaian technological company looking to merge with CANOTEC, a Canadian technological company and CHINAMET also a technological company from china.

This presentation seeks to look at the cultural profile of these companies as well as analysis by some great scholars on their cultures and their management styles. There is also an attempt to look at potential problems that may arise as a result of cultural differences and some recommendations as to how to deal with them when it arises.

Finally the role cultural intelligence plays in this merger and how to develop it. The aim of this is to better understand these cultures in order to aid our alliance.


Our would today has become a global and competitive one to stay on top of the market we must be prepared to move beyond the shores of our country and explore or penetrate other nations and cultures. Apart from America, United kingdom and other top European countries who use to be the economic giants in the world, other Asian countries such as the India and China as well as the Arab world have risen up in the world market and have become major players in the economy today. Grant (2009) . Many nations both developed and undeveloped are looking for their business as they have proved to be reliable and offer cheaper services Morrison (2009). Alliances and mergers have become very necessary and doing business with these nations would keep you ahead of your competitors. To be able to merge or form an alliance with another company...

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