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  • Published : December 9, 2012
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Cross-Cultural Perspectives
Mara Soraya
November 19, 2012
Dr. Jennie Wong, EdD, MBA
Cross-Cultural Perspectives

Nike has proven to be one of the top competitors in the business world. The company was founded in January of 1964 as Blue Ribbon Sports (BRS) by Bill Bowerman. He was a respected coach at the University of Oregon for Tack and Field. Phil Knight, an MBA in Finance from Stanford University, was also a talented middle-distance runner from Oregon. Knight wanted quality running shoes that would compete with German brands. He wrote a proposal to create top of the line running shoes. The first pair was made in Kobe, Japan by the manufacturer of Tiger shoes. After it was made, he took several pairs to Bowerman hoping to make a sale. To his surprise, Bowerman made an offer to become partners and provided designs to Tiger (“”, 2011). Jeff Johnson was brought in by both Knight and Bowerman to manage the growing requirements of Blue Ribbons Sports. Johnson, also a runner, created the first catalogues and print ads. The first BRS store was opened in Santa Monica, and by 1978, the name Nike was born after the Greek Goddess of Victory.

Today, Nike products can be found all over the world. I personally have traveled to Indonesia, Singapore, Tokyo and Malaysia and have seen Nike shoes and sportswear being sold at all the shopping malls. Aside from retail, Nike has moved its manufacturing abroad. According to, a report released on the website in August 2012 stated that by end of 2011, Nike is represented in 47 countries and has around 930 factories (56 in North America, 37 in Western Europe, 21 in Central/Eastern Europe, 450 in emerging markets, 339 in Greater China and 27 in Japan). Nike is also responsible in employing 1,079,137 workers across the globe (2011)

Besides actively growing its revenue, Nike is also busy partnering with socially responsible programs. One program that has been in notion since...
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