Crop Circles

Topics: Crop circle, Paranormal, Science Pages: 2 (813 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Mike Doyle
Research Paper Final

Crop Circles are patterns that are designed into crop fields. The crop circles are formed when the creator presses down on the crops and others are left standing to the exact way the creator wants there crop circle to come out. Sometimes, the patterns are simple circles to really elaborate circles. There are many controversies about how crop circles are formed. Various theories include; the theories of natural causes, paranormal activities, and the most popular one that is, humans create these huge and elaborate crop circles. When reading about crop circles many scientists believe that most of them are being made from people. When reading articles on crop circles the most interesting articles are the ones that talk about paranormal activity because those articles lead me to believe are there really aliens?

The first theory I came across when reading about crop circles where natural causes. Some natural causes include Earth Energy and researchers believe that the earth creates its own energy, which forms the circles. One possible form of earth energy is electromagnetic radiation. Scientists have measured strong magnetic fields inside crop circles, and visitors sometimes say they feel a tingling sensation in their body while near by a crop circle or in one! Other researchers claim that the energy comes from under the ground or from the soil. Either the energy is natural, such as a fungus that attacks the crops and causes their stems to bend over. Another way that scientists think crop circles are formed from earth’s energy is the wind. Researchers say that the winds cause spinning columns of a burst of air down to the ground, witch forces the crops to bend and make shape into an elaborate crop circle.

The next theory that I came across when researching was crop circles are formed by paranormal activity. “Possibly the most controversial theory is that crop circles are the work of visitors from other planets- sort...
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