Crooks Room

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  • Published : October 15, 2012
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Steinbeck mentions many different items in Crook’s room, including a ‘’long box filled with straw’’. This item could represent crooks in many ways. Firstly, the use of the noun ‘’BOX’’ suggests he doesn’t own a bed which could actually leads the reader thinking he is devalued within the ranch. This implies he was treated like an animal in the barn with the animals because he has to sleep in the box which is so uncomfortable. He doesn’t have the quality of life. Secondly, the use of the word ‘’STRAW’’ also enlarge the fact of animal imagery as only animals such as horses live in a barn with straw and to think a human being (crooks) is living in these conditions really emphasised the fact that he is being devaluated. It also links with the term that he is referred to a lot as ‘stable buck’ which also links to the use of animal imagery. Also In the extract it mentions ‘’medicine bottles, both for himself and the horses’’. This suggests that he stores his own medicine bottles alongside the ones he gives to an animal and this is highly unhygienic which also suggests he interacts with the animal on a daily basis and is quite lonely and you could associate Crooks as an animal as he is being treated by the others on the barn in this way and also lives and sleeps in these terrible conditions which you would generally expect an animal to live in. This also adds to the fact that he does not have any interaction with the other white people on the ranch and he lives in his own bunk, and is extremely lonely. As he was stuck living on a ranch,  Ordered

Sub human
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