Crm System for Health Club

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Executive Summary
Club 24 Gyms

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the current status of Club 24 Gyms’ CRM system and how it currently views customer orientation. The analysis of the model currently being used and recommendations on how to improve this model are included in the findings. One of the major findings is that there is no real CRM system in place. Also, Club 24 Gyms believed that it was operating for the customer but they do not currently have a good method of delivering quality customer orientation. Recommendations for this business include implementing a CRM system and developing an action plan based on Club 24 Gyms core values that change how they deliver customer orientation. They will do this by adding a CRM system and implement a training program based on “Dermot Copps & Company’s’” Customer Orientation. By making these changes new goals and measures were set up that have specific targets to reach that would not be able to be tracked without these new systems in place.

At best Club 24 Gyms has a minimal CRM program in place and through this project we have determined that it does not operate in a fully customer centric manner. In the first part of this project we analyzed and assessed Club 24 Gyms’ customer orientation. What we learned was that although the company thought they were doing everything for the customer, it was discovered that it was looking more at what they could do to make the customer happy without really knowing what or how to do so. Through research we found an extremely useful method of customer orientation done by Dermot Copps & Company in 2008. If followed, Club 24 Gyms would run its business more focused on what the customer wants vs. what the company wants. We wanted to ensure that Club 24 Gyms placed a higher value on customer satisfaction than short term profitability. We also looked at the sad excuse for a CRM system in place. Club 24 got information from their customers 3 different ways: personal interactions, online surveys and emails from the advisory board. The big problem is that none of this information was retained or analyzed in order to create a better experience for the members. That being said there are many proposed changes to the way Club 24 Gyms views and interacts with their customers and how those interactions will be tracked and analyzed in order to give the member more. Part 1:

Retrain current managers and staff on the basics of customer orientation and how it will translate from the company to the members going forward. The concepts that are included are focusing on customers’ needs, exceeding the customers’ expectations, discovering new ways to deliver customer service, constant evaluations of performance, delivering need based service in a timely manner and partnering with customers to deliver the best value. It will be necessary to have daily training in order to change the mindset and actions of the employees. This will reinforce all employees’ roles in the overall member experience and how imperative it is to deliver exceptional service every day they are working. The basis of our training will revolve around the 5 Levels of Customer Orientation based on the concept developed by Dermot Copps & Company. Training will consist of one section per week for 5 weeks. Once training is complete the employees are tested employee becomes club certified as a customer orientation specialist.

1. Responsive-this will outline Club 24 employees willingness to respond to customer needs and have a helpful and supporting attitude 2. Proactive- teaching the team how to be more proactive in finding new ways to provide the member a value. 3. Planning- training the team to always be active and systematic in order to serve the customer better. 4. Partnering- teaching Club 24 team the importance of developing partnerships and relationships in order to become a trusted partner. 5. Managing- staff will learn how to extract...
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