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“The goal of every enterprise, once you strip away all the activities that keep everybody busy every day, is simply to get, keep, and grow customers” Don peppers, Martha Roger. Each customer is deemed as upmost importance to the organisation. By understanding what customers want and constantly be on the edge of innovation, the organisation would be able to create value for customers to use their product and subsequently, keep and grow their customer base.

There aren’t many organisations that demonstrate the resilience of creating value for customers like Sony. The power to understand what are the customer’s want and need allows Sony to stay and thrive in such a competitive environment. Sony has tried to grow with its customers and hope to be part of their lifestyle so that customers have a good impression about Sony and would continue to use them. Through these means, this is how they are able to stay in the competition for such a long time in the business.

Sony’s slogan, make.believe plans to inspire creativity and enable consumers to turn their dreams into reality. This shows that Sony wants to grow with its customer and it wants to serve consumers better by constantly developing new and innovative product to attract new profitable customer.

The consumer technology proved to be a tough environment to compete in with many strong competitors contending one another and trying to stay ahead of competition by being innovative in every product, providing unique services or selling product at a very low cost. Sony has been at the forefront of innovation in order to attract new customers. An example of such would be the latest product of high-definition video recording that can be used underwater. This move would attract and acquire new customers to become part of the Sony family as they are attract by the new product and wish to capture precious moments with the video recorder.

Sony is able to relate itself to consumers from all walks of life. It has...
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