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4 SECTION - C (2 ×20= 40)

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Answer any TWO questions. Each question carries TWENTY marks. 8. Define customer relationship management . Enumerate various applications of customer relationship management in service industry. 9. Explain customer relationship management process and give an elaborate framework of the same. 10. Keeping in mind the present scenario, what do you think would be the future trends in customer relationship management in the aviation sector ? 11. Distinguish between CRM and e-CRM. Explain the process of implementation of e-CRM.

B.B.A. ( Aviation, Tourism and Hospitality Management ) DEGREE EXAMINATION, 2010 ( SECOND YEAR ) ( PART - III ) ( PAPER - V )

230. CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT ( Including Lateral Entry ) December ] [ Time : 3 Hours Maximum : 100 Marks SECTION - A (10 ×2 = 20)

Answer ALL questions. Each question carries TWO marks. 1. (a) What are the strategies in customer relationship management? Turn Over

2 (b) What are the functional areas Customer Relationship Management ? (c) H o w does customer of

3 SECTION - B (4 ×10= 40)


Answer any FOUR questions. Each question carries TEN marks. 2. Briefly explain the pros and cons of the technology of customer relationship management. 3. Briefly explain the values of customer relationship management with a suitable example 4. Explain the essentials of customer reference management. Illustrate your answer with examples. 5. Select a company of your choice and briefly explain the benefits of customer relationship management. 6. Select a company of your choice and write short notes on customer relationship management by Indian Firms. 7. Narrate the importance of relationship values in managing customer relationship. Turn Over

management benefit a business ? (d) What is meant by active customer relationship management ? (e) Write short note on analytical customer realtionship management. (f) Customer...
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