Crm in the Transportation Industry

Topics: Customer relationship management, Customer service, Transport Pages: 4 (1264 words) Published: March 7, 2013
In the mid-twentieth century, increased product availability for consumers by mass marketing and mass production techniques, change the purchasing process and competition view for the firms. Based on Fickle(1999), Chen and popovi (2003) argue that as the customer have the ability to choose the item they want among the wide variety of service and product , companies lost track of market needs. Today companies are trying to build better relationship to existing as well as new customers to increase customer loyalty and long term relationship. The history of transportation evolved with development of human culture, long distance walking track develop as trade routes in Paleolithic times for most human history the only forms of transportation apart from walking were using of domestic animals such as donkeys, and also in small boats. But in our current century there are many forms of transportation and this is how they unfold. Maritime transportation, navigation was develop to enhance fishing and also to have a permit navigation off river to the coast, it has been argued that boat have been the significant sea crossing was necessary for people to get to other places. Rail transportation, date back near 500 years with man or house power and rail of wood , this was the moving of coal from the mines down to the river, whiles the current rail is made from steel was first seen in the year 1820s. Aviation the only means of transporting goods and human through the air space started in the year back when humanity desire to fly likely dated to the first time man observed birds an observation illustrated in the legendry stories of Daedalus which their focus on imitating birds but through trial and errors, balloons airships gliders and they eventually powered aircraft. In our study much focus is based on the road transportation which is the back bone of our transportation network in Ghana, which started...
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