Crm in Telecom

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The most successful companies are those that focus on delivering exceptional customer value

through one of three value disciplines, while being satisfied with simply meeting industry standards in the other two areas. These disciplines are: Operational excellence, Product leadership, and Customer intimacy.

1. Operational Excellence
Companies attempt to find a combination of price, quality and ease of purchase that none of their competitors are capable of matching. Business model behind this value proposition focuses on achieving cost leadership. Business model behind this value proposition focuses on achieving cost leadership. Production is standardized and automated, if possible 2. Product Leadership

Organizations which aim for product leadership constantly work hard to implement innovation and renewal. They want to constantly amaze their customers with the newest and best products. The success dependent on the speed at which they are able to innovate and produce new products. And many of them are ready with the improved versions of their products even while launching the product. 3. Customer Intimacy

A great deal of attention is focused on the development of the desired customer base: and hence products and services are continually adapted to customers’ wishes, without asking excessively high prices for doing so. They look at the Lifetime value of the customer base and not on the one time purchase. The business model for these organizations has been designed to be able to supply products and services from a broader perspective. A thorough knowledge of the customer as a person, user and buyer is essential in such consumer markets. TELECOM INDUSTRY

Telecom industry in India has a big market potentiality and is a fast growing sector. Government of India is eager to reconstitute this telecom industry by enacting effective policies for more investments from foreign companies, which results in a very competitive and deregulated market in the world. Major players in telecommunication industry in India

1. Bharti Airtel
3. Vodafone
4. Reliance
5. Idea
6. Tata
7. Aircel

I. Bharti Airtel - Product Leadership
Bharti Airtel retained its leading position among telecom service providers and posted a growth of five per cent to end 2009-10 fiscal with revenues of Rs 38,800 crore (Rs 388 billion). The company is structured into four strategic business units -- mobile, telemedia, enterprise and digital TV. The company has with operations in 18 countries with a footprint covering 1.8 billion people. Sunil Bharti Mittal is the chairman and managing director of the company. In March 2010, Bharti Airtel bought the African operations of Kuwait-based Zain Telecom for $10.7 billion. Recently, it has joined a consortium of global telecom operators to announce the launch of the EASSY cable system -- the 10,000 km undersea cable connecting Africa to Europe.

Product Leadership
* Mission- We at Airtel always think in fresh and innovative ways about the needs of our customers and how we want them to feel. We deliver what we promise and go out of our way to delight the customer with a little bit more. * Airtel positioned itself as an inspirational and life style brand, in a way that trivialised the price in the mind of the customer. It is pitched not merely as an mobile service, but as something that give a badge value * Airtel’s Strategy to be the leader in

* Innovation
* Network
* Offers and service
* Airtel adopted the product driven communication to make their products successful in the market and also emotional communication to the target younger people. * Airtel translate their ideas into product and market them skilfully for eg: Airtel Money, Airtel Digital Tv. * Airtel delivers services based on customer requirement. * Experiments and thinks...
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