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  • Published : May 1, 2013
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PA Career Education & Work Standards

Lesson Planning Guide

Justifying Student’s Career Choice

Strand #13.1: Career Awareness and Preparation

CEW Standard #13.1.11E: Justify the selection of a career.

Approximate Time: Two 45-minute periods.

Prerequisite Skills

Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening*

1.4.11 Types of Writing
C. Write persuasive pieces.



Science and Technology*


Career Education and Work*


Performance Standards

|Performance Standard |Suggested Evaluation Method | |Justify the selection of your career as presented on the website with a score of |Product evaluation: PSSA Writing Rubric | |“proficient.” | |

Suggested Projects


Multiple Intelligence Types



1.Website - Justification Report Guidelines

2.Handout - “Example of a Justification”

3.Rubric - “PSSA Persuasive Prompt Scoring Rubric”


1. Computer with writing software
Any supplier

Suggested Learning Sequence
|Strategy |Outline |Resources/Equipment | |Performance Standard 1 | | | |Introduction |Discuss with the students what it means to justify their career choice. | | | |Begin with a discussion of what it means to “justify” something in general. | | | | | | | |Explain to them that the assignment is to write a justification of their | | | |career choice. | | |Presentation |Explain to the class the contents of a justification. Give them an example |Resource #1 | | |of an acceptable justification and individually let the students identify the|Resource #2 | | |parts. Confirm the parts in a class discussion. |Resource #3 | | | | | | |Review the PSSA Writing Rubric and identify it as the rubric you will be | | | |using to grade the justification. | | | |Related SCANS/Soft Skills: Information C | | |Activity/ Evaluation |Allow students time to outline and write a one-page report justifying their |Resource #3 | | |chosen career. Use the PSSA Writing Rubric to grade them. |Equipment #1 | | |Related Academic Skills: 1.4.11C...
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