Crm-Customer Knowlegde

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  • Published : May 20, 2013
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1).What are the pros and cons of a CRM initiative that is led by the marketing department? PROS
CRM and marketing goes hand in hand with eachother.
Marketing people would take customers into high consideration when it comes to having a relationship with them, they see the importance in communicating. CRM through marketing allows companies to determine who its best customers are. The gathering of this information with the use of CRM also allows companies to create new products and services that meet the needs and wants of its customers. Marketing departments would use CRM to measure how marketing efforts are working to keep customers engaged, to keep customers coming to the company time and again. CONS

Marketing department may know their customer but may not know their employee. They focused mainly on high valued customers and catered to their needs, whilst not putting much effort into other possible market segments When trying to get use to a CRM initiative, persons will still be required to be trained to properly use the CRM system in their day-to-day interactions with customers and potential customers.

2). Which conditions were met within the market and organization that made it possible for change management to make the difference between success and failure? They were able to create a more customer-centric enterprise

The right culture was created internally, and was able to align the culture of Italians with their strategy. They can now meet the needs of the customer in a personal way as well as make them feel important and also in return the employees would have received this value as well through incentives. Created strong work environment between different departments working closely together which would allow for a strong customer relationship.
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