Crm Concepts & Approach

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CRM – Concepts & Functional Aspects
Lecture 4 – 6 (14th November 2009) IIFT MBA(IB) 2007 - 10, Trimester - VIII

Re-cap of the last class

Introduction Stakeholder Expectation Overview of CRM Group Exercise #1 Detail Discussion on each functionalities Group Exercise #2 Case Studies Exam Preparation Conclusion of the course 18-Nov-2009 3

Definition of CRM
There are many perspectives and definitions of CRM. At its most simple, CRM could be thought of at three levels: CRM is about the implementation of a specific technology solution project CRM is the implementation of an integrated series of customer-oriented technology solutions CRM is a holistic strategic approach to managing customer relationships in order to create shareholder value 18-Nov-2009 4

Relationship Marketing



Classification of CRM
Analyst firms classify CRM into several types:
Operational CRM Analytical CRM Collaborative CRM

Other terminology used in the CRM market includes
Strategic CRM e-commerce CRM Partner relationship marketing or PRM 18-Nov-2009 6

CRM Strategic Framework



Class 4 - 5

CRM Distribution
Public Services Financial Services 2% Service Industries 26% Discrete Industries Retail 6% Consumer Products 18-Nov-2009

Process not assigned 1% Industries 18%





CRM Strategic Framework



Customer-Centric E-Business with CRM

Components of CRM



CRM Major Components CRM Marketing CRM Sales CRM E-Commerce CRM Service CRM Interaction Centre CRM Analytics 18-Nov-2009 13

CRM Sales
Ensures consistency, effectiveness, and predictability throughout the sales cycle Sales Planning and Forecasting Territory Management Account and Contact Management Activity Management Opportunity Management Quotation and Order Management Contract Management and Leasing Incentive and Commission Management Sales Analytics 18-Nov-2009 14

Entire CRM Sales Suite
Enterprise Sales Sales Planning Territory & Forecasting Management Account & Contact Management Account & Contact Management Activity Management Opportunity Management Quotation & Contract Incentive & Order Management & Commission Management Leasing Management Quotation & Order Management Contract Management Incentive & Commission Management

Field Sales

Sales Planning Territory & Forecasting Management Quotation & Order Management

Activity Management

Opportunity Management


Shopping Basket Management

Price Management

Interactive Selling & Configuration

Web Auctions

Collaborative Selling


Account & Contact Management Account & Contact Management

Activity Management

Opportunity Management

Quotation & Order Management

Incentive & Commission Management

Channel Sales

Activity Management

Opportunity Management

Pricing & Interactive Quotation & Multi-tier Sales Partner Contract Selling & Order Tracking & Compensation Management Configuration Management Forecasting Distributed Order & Inventory Management Hosted Order Management Hosted Partner Sites

Channel Commerce

Collaborative Showroom

Distributed Catalog & Content Management


Customer Analytics Product Analytics Marketing Analytics

Sales Analytics

Service Analytics

Interaction Channel Analytics



Customer Order Fulfillment
Qualifies a lead as a “hot lead”
Lead Qualifier

Receives the “hot lead”, checks and accepts it
Sales Representative Sales Representative

Maintains sales team and assigns products or product categories

1 1
Monitors Win/Loss Analyses

2 2

3 3
Plans activities per Sales Representative phase (Sales Methodology) Qualifies opportunity (Sales Sales Representative Methodology)

Sales Manager

4 4

9 9
Sales Representative

Creates sales order

8 8

Creates quotation
Sales Representative

5 5
Sales Representative

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