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Everyday, up to 4.3 million (MTR Patronage Update) people travel on Hong Kong’s mass transit railway system. MTR Corporation (MTR) is recognized as one of the world’s best railways for reliability, customer service, and cost efficiency. To ensure it can properly manage and maintain its highly reliable operations, Customer Relationship Management is one of the essential segments that MTR should put an effort to accomplish.

MTR Patronage Update

Customer Segmentation and Market Focus

MTR places high priority on identifying and meeting the requirements, expectations and preferences of its customers and the market at large. It segments its customers into different target groups, such as children, students, adults, elderlies, tourists and the like, to tailor made marketing campaigns for building relationship with them and enhance their loyalty and satisfaction to MTR.

A noteworthy case of these customer-oriented ingenuities is the establishment of the MTR Club. It is a customer database that provides MTR with a powerful and effective marketing platform to weight on customer needs, usage patterns and preferences, therefore adding more value to its loyal customers for repeat patronage.

CRM Programs

Customers need a clear view of the company they intend to travel or stay with. MTR up-selling and cross-selling its existing customers through values of quality and reliability by presenting those values effectively, to confirm the loyalty of the existing client portfolio, which is the most cost-effective way to win future sales.

Besides, MTR also lower the cost of new customer acquisition by building the brand through targeted communications. Mass customization is used by MTR to reach a widespread of potential customers, however, most travelers are not yet using its power.


1. Failure in meeting Customer Expectation

Although MTR has implemented CRM systems to...
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