Topics: Crime, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Grand jury Pages: 4 (1314 words) Published: February 17, 2013
Assignment #3
Strayer University
James Crews
Introduction to Criminal Justice – CRJ 100
Professor Michael Sherwin
February 7, 2013

I think the most interesting part of the stages of a criminal trial is going to Trail. It is when things actually begin to take place in count and that is when the real judgment takes place. Nothing really matters until it is proven in court. By going to trail, it is basically the conclusion to the case, once it is over. Being found guilty or not guilty by the jury and/or the judge is where this happens. There can be up to nine steps in this criminal trial. All of which that leads up to the trail part of the criminal trial. It is found to have the most importance. The trail part of the criminal trial differs from the other eight steps. The trail part of the process is unique in a way. Arrest deals with a person being detained and being accused of a doing something that was not within proper code; trail is based on judgment. Bail can be offered to the suspect to pay an amount to be released from custody. That does not entirely mean that trail is called off, it just means that the suspect is granted to be free temporarily until the trail part of the process takes place. Arraignment is when the charges are stated to the defendant. After which is when the defendant may plead guilty, not guilty or no contest. Also the judge looks over the defendants bail and future scheduled dates of the criminal trial. Trail is based on judgment that is why it differs from arraignment. With preliminary hear or grand jury proceedings it goes to show that if the defendant has no probable cause then they will not be forced to into a stand trial. This part of the process deals with all of the evidence pertaining to the case. In which it is leading to trail part, by which, there is where the decision is to be made. The only true challenge that may be brought about is in the preliminary hear or grand jury part of the case. Pre-trial motions are when...
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