Crj the Rights of Americans

Topics: Crime, Miranda v. Arizona, Criminal law Pages: 5 (2079 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Raymond Contreras
Mr. Moffit
November 21,2011
Criminal Justice System Through American Violet
Every American is guaranteed something and that is individual rights. Individual rights are the rights guaranteed to all members of American Society by the U.S. Constitution(p.8). In the movie American Violet it is shown how the people in Texas are affected by not having individual rights, and how a young, African-American women, Dee Roberts takes a stand against the District Attorney. In the movie it is based of the criminal justice system and all the parts of it. In the movie it shows that if something seems to be unconstitutional fight for your rights because it is stated in the constitution. In the movie an ACLU(American Civil Liberties Union) attorney decides he wants to help Dee Roberts and take on the Texas District Attorney. The attorney’s name is Sam Conroy and he chooses to defend Ms. Roberts, but that he already knows everybody who works with the district attorney and he is seen as a traitor for helping bring down his associated. Attorney Sam Conroy is playing as an individual-rights advocate. An individual rights advocate is someone who seeks to protect personal freedoms within the process of criminal justice(p12). The whole point of the movie is to find social justice from the district attorney. Social justice is an ideal that embraces all aspects of civilized life and that is linked to fundamental notions of fairness and to cultural beliefs about right and wrong(13). Mr. Convoy is trying to help not just Dee Roberts but as well the whole town in Texas from being arrested for suspicion of selling of drugs. The people who were accused of selling drugs are eighty five percent were African American. At the end of the movie social justice is found for the town. Dee Roberts had to go through all aspects of the criminal justice system. The criminal justice system is the aggregate of all operating and administrative or technical support agencies that perform criminal justice functions. The basic divisions of the operational aspects of criminal justice are law enforcement, courts, and corrections(p16). Dee had to deal with the law enforcement when she was arrested. The courts when she was charged of selling drugs. She also dealt with corrections while she waited for bail. These are the same things that every person has to go through when arrested. While Dee was in prison she was given bail. Bail is when money or property pledged to the court or actually deposited with the court to effect the release of a person from legal custody(p18). Dee’s mother had to find bail money and had to scavenge around to find the money so that Dee could be freed till her court date. If you skip your court date and you made bail then a bail bondsmen can keep whatever property you used to reach bail. In the movie she made bail and she appeared for her court date, and nothing happened. Before going to court there has to be a preliminary hearing. A preliminary hearing is a proceeding before a judicial officer in which three matters must be decided: whether the crime was committed, whether the crime occurred within the territorial jurisdiction of the court, and whether there are reasonable grounds to believe that the defendant committed the crime(p18). When Dee goes to her first hearing she believes that she is in jail because she had unpaid parking tickets, but in reality she was being accused of being a drug dealer. My father as an attorney has been there for plenty of preliminary hearings and the same for me I always went with my father to court to watch and learn because criminal justice always interested me and that’s how my interest started. If a case cannot be settled outside of court then it is sent to trial. Trial is when criminal proceedings, the examination in court of the issues of fact and relevant law in a case for the purpose of convicting or acquitting the defendant(p20). In the movie they do not reach court because they came...
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