Critucal Research Analysis

Topics: Grounded theory, Qualitative research, Sampling Pages: 6 (2068 words) Published: May 22, 2013
Qualitative Research Critical Analysis Paper:
Exploring Student Nurse Anesthetist Stressors and Coping Using Grounded Theory Methodology Introduction
Nursing research began with Florence Nightingale in the 1970s and has since developed legitimizing the nursing profession (Loiselle & McGrath, 2011). Research is now a prominent and important part of nursing education and practice. The importance of conducting a qualitative research critique is to broaden nurses understanding of a particular study and to help nurses determine the trustworthiness and credibility of a study before incorporating the findings into their practice (Loiselle & McGrath, 2011). In this paper, a critical analysis was conducted on the article by Joy Phillips, “Exploring Student Nurse Anesthetist Stressors and Coping Using Grounded Theory Methodology” focusing on the qualitative methodology, description of target population, sample and setting, ethical issues, data analysis and quality of description of findings and implications for nursing practice. Next a summary of this paper is provided synthesizing the content of the paper. The purpose of this paper is to cultivate critical thinking, evaluate the research methods and discuss the strengths, limitations and logical links among the steps of the research process. Overview

The overall presentation of the study was consistent with the study’s purpose, method and findings. The study has some implications and recommendations for both student nurse anesthetist and nurse faculty. Also, the recommendations in the study may be beneficial for the students enrolled in parallel programs. A number of steps of the research process were not identified in the article, however this could be due to the specific requirements that articles should include before being submitted to the American Association of Nurses Anesthetists Journal for Publication (American Association of Nurse Anesthetists, 2011). The report could have provided more detail on the type of literature that was reviewed before and after the study was conducted and what methods was used to prevent researcher bias. Overall, this was a good article that contains a few strengths, weakness and limitations. Qualitative Methodology

As stated by Burns and Groves “the method section of a research report describes how the study was conducted and usually includes the study design, sample, setting, methods of measurement and data collection process” (2011). In this article, Phillips used the naturalistic paradigm and grounded theory tradition to collect and analyze the data. This was described in the abstract and again in the methods section of the article. Written interviews were used to contact the participants and the author used semi-structured interviews to collect the data. This strategy of data collection was consistent with the grounded theory tradition. By using semi-structured interviews this allowed the participants to identify their particular stressors and coping mechanisms they used to successfully negotiate those stressors. Literature Review

Loiselle and McGrath defined literature review as “a critical summary of research on a topic of interest, often prepared to put a research problem in context” (2011). The author does not have a literature review section in the article but this could be due to the restrictions placed on the author by the publisher. Depending on the QL research the literature review may be conducted before or after the research process. For grounded theory tradition which the author used in this article researchers include a minimal review at the beginning of the research so that the researcher is aware of what studies have been conducted but the major literature review is conducted at the end of the research process (Burns & Groove, 2011). No relevant literature citing was noted anywhere in the article and Phillips stated that to her knowledge there is no research that explores how recent graduates of nurse anesthesia...
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