Critiquing a Print Advertisement Feature on Kia Motors

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Critiquing a print advertisement feature on Kia Motors


Advertisement consists of all activities involved in presenting to a group an oral of visual message regarding a product service of an idea. It is an art of creating a demand for the product or service. Advertisement is the presentation of ideas, goods or services for the purpose of having consumers and the public to buy.

Advertising can be defined as the business of drawing the attention of public to goods and services .This is done through different forms of the media. Media plays an important role in influencing public opinion. They use newspapers, the radio and the television to advertise their products. Advertising has a lasting visual impact on the consumer's mind. People living even in remotest area on earth can now watch TV. Even the internet has become an important medium as it can influence people living outside our country and also having children in choosing the products based on TV commercials that they have watched.

There are a few purpose of advertising. Following are the main purposes on advertising. The first and foremost purpose of advertising is to inform the public on and about the availability of new products, services or an idea that is being featured to the market. This is aimed for creating a demand for new products and making the product known to the public. Secondly it is to persuade. Advertisement not only informs but also serves to influence the public to buy the product or services. For example a company seeks to induce the public to buy its particular brand of car in preference to others. Last and importantly is to remind. Advertisement also serves to remind consumers of existing products, that the product may be needed in future and where to buy the product. It is necessary for the advertiser to constantly draw the attention of consumer to his product and away from other competitive brands, which may be heavily advertised.

Critique Analysis

A Kia Motors print advertisement for its “Kia Sportage” is chosen for this assignment. The print advertisement appeared in “Stuff” on the January 2011 edition. “Stuff” is a magazine featuring unique, technical and cutting edge gadgetry and products which are new to the market. I chose this print ad because it grabbed my immediate attention while I was reading the magazine. The appeal and effectiveness of this print advertisement will be discussed in terms of the marketing and advertising communication techniques and concepts that apply to this advertisement.

I would be using two headings based on the advertising formulas to conceptualise the advertisement. They are AIDA and ROI. AIDA is a persuasive communication model used in advertising. The model depicts the successive stages a buyer passes through in the personal selling process. AIDA stands for Attention, Interests, Desire and Action. Attention includes getting the appropriate details in the ad itself to be able to focus on the product and its features fully. Interests would suggest whether the brand or service the company portrays interest the market consumer. For example “The trip to the moon” does not really inflict the much needed interest in a consumer however an ad featuring “How to look smart and confident” does the job perfectly. It is all about the psychological mass minds involved in intriguing the consumer actions. Desire is needed to be evoked in the consumer himself. Ads must state the benefits of the product or service to the consumer whom is getting, to create a desire for it. Last but not least, Action. Many ads would have their “action line”. This lines includes “call now”, see us today” and “test drive this car today”. This step evaluates whether the consumer has already begun making his mind in getting the product and service or is still pondering over other issues.

Next step used would be the ROI formula. ROI refers to Reference, Originality and Impact. Reference would be whether the product...
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