Critiquing State Standards and Benchmarks for Georgia

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Critiquing State Standards and Benchmarks for 8th Grade Georgia Studies:

The standards drive the lessons and guide then teaching in Georgia. As a middle school teacher at Juliette County Middle School we are required to have a Standard Based Classroom and teach the Standards to our students. A Standards Based Classroom consists of ; Standards are to be posted in plain, readable view of our students at all times, Essential Questions listed and referred to during lesson, student work posted with teacher commentary, Workable Word Wall, Connecting Themes Wall, Engaging Activity, Opening, Work Session, and Closing posted on the board, desk arranged in pairs or groups and students engaged at all times. Teachers are required to refer several times throughout their lesson to the standards they are teaching to ensure that students are aware of what they are to learn that day. Students should also be able to tell anyone that as what standard is being learned that day in their own words. “The performance standards provide clear expectations for instruction, assessment, and student work. They define the level of work that demonstrates achievement of the standards, enabling a teacher to know “how good is good enough (GaDOE, 2010)”. Having the GPS also guides the teacher and student to what is to be learned and/or what is needed to master a standard. With GPS three additional task were added; teacher commentary (student feedback), sample of student work (exemplars), suggested task (differentiation). The GPS offers more precise teaching and learning for teachers and students. It puts responsibilities on the teacher and the students to teach and to learn. Benchmark testing is done three times per year at JCMS to help assess students learning. The benchmark test comes from the Online Assessment Test (OAS) for each subject and domain. The results from each benchmark are broken down by domain and given to...
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