Critiquing Philosophical Approaches to Ethical Decision

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  • Published : February 5, 2012
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Critiquing Philosophical Approaches to Ethical Decision Making

The mayor of a small town was face with a difficult decision which would have ether help the community or help the elderly. In this critical decision you have to think what’s going to best for everyone of this economic situation. The mayor had to look at every side to understand the pros and cons of what will happen if he makes the choice to go either way. I think the mayor should accommodate both the city and the elderly. In the first scenario the course of action was the best ethical choice because he had the opportunity to be able to work out both problems. The mayor can rebuild a nursing to help accommodate room for the mall. By building a better and more suitable nursing home the elderly is not left out they will continue to have a place to live. This option will prevent them from having to be force out of their homes. The other ethical decision is looking out for the community by bring more money into the city. The mall will help generate more jobs and bring in additional funding. If the mayor had made a different approach by going in favor of the economic prosperity than 100 of seniors and employees would be without job and living. This approach can upset many leaving many people to feel unfair about the decision that was made was this a fair approach? However the decision to be fair to both the seniors and the town is the best ethical behavior to help everyone involved.

Catalina in the second scenario had a difficult choice to make her ethical behavior can very well affect others and herself. She wanted to bonus just like everyone else and get a brand new equipment for the company, earn a vacation package, and plus a larger bonus. Because she was short on sales she would not be able to bonus. Catalina had a choice to listen to her friend and report the additional three sales and take a short on next report the additional three sales and take a short on next year’s reports. This can lead...
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