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I am able to carry out assessments on patients and consequently identify the patients that will require palliative service. I am able to improve the management of patients’ symptoms (symptom control management). I am able to determine when and where to source for help in order to meet the needs of the patients. I am able to refer patients to other services within the renal unit and in the community from which they may benefit.


This essay will give a reflective account of my personal activities in my area of practice using the Gibbs’ model (1988). Reflection according to (Grant and Greene 2000;Revans 1998 involves critically evaluating events that have occurred in the past which aims at valuing your strengths and developing different and more effective ways of acting in the future, additionally, it also focuses on identifying negative aspects of personal behaviour with a view to improving professional competence. CONTEXT.

The issues to be reflected upon affected a few patients in my area of practice. My work area is a satellite haemodialysis unit for patients with end stage renal disease undergoing haemodialysis treatment. The essay will support my various activities within the unit and it will demonstrate what I have learnt as well as how my professional development will be significantly affected. It is imperative to note that all evidence will be coded for purpose of clarity..

The impact of end stage renal disease on quality of life can be measured in terms of physical, psychological and social consequences. It is therefore rewarding to be there with a person who is undergoing such a significant life changing experience as this can be very anxiety provoking with so many new terms and having to cope with new routines. Therefore, I play additional roles in offering support for this group of people apart from my usual role as a registered nurse such as Palliative care link nurse role, Dignity champion link nurse role as well as developing skills in managing the unit. Renal patients start their treatment pathway right from the diagnosis of advance kidney disease with treatment options of the following; Dialysis treatment or transplantation, recognition of end of life care needs, conservative kidney care and end of life care.

These available treatment options give every individual patient an option to make their treatment choice, however, the need to help every individual patient to improve their quality of life through symptom control management cannot be underestimated as both actively dialysed and conservatively managed renal patients are often polysymptomatic with too many symptoms going unaddressed.Murtagh et al.Advances in chronic kidney Disease, 2007.

Reflective writing.

The reflective account focuses on patient TK in my unit who was experiencing constant shoulders, back and hip pains which was limiting her quality of life. She did not respond to oral analgesics which is the usual treatment for such pain. Regular monitoring of patients with the use of quality of life questionnaire has helped me to discover this patient. However the need to actively address the associated anxiety or depression was discovered, hence, the palliative care CNS was involved to review the patient with me. Patient was eventually referred to renal psychologist and chronic pain management team which produced good effect as patient was treated with low dose, transdermal route analgesia. This experience has made me to appreciate that individual responses to care varies, know my limitations and able to know when and where to source for help. It has also enhanced my team approach knowledge and importance of specialization.

Following intervention of the renal psychologist and chronic pain management team in the care of...
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