Critique Paper on Gloc 9's Sirena

Topics: Homosexuality, LGBT, Sexual orientation Pages: 4 (1214 words) Published: May 1, 2013
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Sirena: An artistic attack on machismo and the societal perception on homosexuality
Known for his music that grapples social issues, Gloc-9 creates another socially inclined song that scrutinizes gender inequality, especially towards members of the gay and homosexual community.
Entitled "Sirena", Gloc-9's song speaks through a homosexual's point of view and how he describes himself as a sirena, the Filipino version of the mythical mermaid. The song explicitly narrates the protagonist's hard knock life, from the gay tendencies he exhibited during his childhood years to to the physical and emotional abuse he received due to flaunting his homosexuality in the latter years of his life.

A situationer

At the start of the music video, a young man in a duster (a feminine outer garment) was being dragged out of the house by his father. The father furiously questioned his son, "lalaki ka ba o babae? (Are you a man or a woman?)", to which the son replied, "babae po (I am a woman)". This earned his head a harsh dunk in a drum of water, thus coining the term sirena as a metaphor to illustrate how he was getting used to 'plunging' into the water, as punishment for exhibiting his homosexuality .

From the lyrics, it can already be said that the song denounces abuse and discimination on homosexuals. But more than anything else, the song attempts to discuss how homosexuals are like any other people, and implicitly states that they are equally important to the society.

The song is basically a situationer, a manifestation of how homosexuality is being dealt with in the Philippines and on how Filipinos respond to it. Based on the latest Global Gender Gap rankings by the World Economic Forum, the Philippines rank 8th among 138 countries in gender equality. This could have been good news, had the report included developments on the treatment of LGBTs (lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders). However, it was only limited...
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