Critique on the Movie the Prince and Me

Topics: Marriage, Organic chemistry, Prince Pages: 1 (309 words) Published: October 6, 2012
Social Psychology
Movie review: The prince and me
Every little girl dreams of getting married to a prince someday. But as they grow they realize that there are too many girls and too few princes (haha just teasing ).

This modern Cinderella inspired love story is about a Danish prince Edvard who falls in love with a commoner (simple and shy) Paige Morgan. Edvard and Paige first meet at a bar where Paige works, their first meeting doesn’t go well though(oh I thought first impressions matter). The first day of classes they discover that they are classmates, seatmates and partners in organic chemistry class. They don’t go along for quite sometime until Paige teaches Edvard how to do the laundry and Edvard in return helps her with Shakespeare, this leads Paige to invite Evdard to spend the sem break (thanksgiving) at her farm. Here Edvard joins a go cart race winning the first price. At the end of the race Edvard has a fight with someone and then when he arrives home Paige patches up his wounds where Edvard kisses Paige for the first time.

Is very obvious that Edvard and Paige don’t have much in common, we all know what they say that love is blind, opposites attracts. This story tells us that when people are in love nothing is impossible, the two discover their selves and accept although their many differences (too sad to say but in real life not many remain in love with their first spouse, I consider my family lucky).

The part I really liked in this movie was when Edvard was heading back to Denmark and left Paige a message “the sky seems not until heaven clears”(Shakespeare) it reminded Paige that love is blind, that made her think and she courageously travelled half the globe to be find her true love.
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