Critique of Transformational Leadership

Topics: Sample size, Sampling, Management Pages: 6 (1739 words) Published: November 24, 2011
PAPER: Journal Article| Arnold, K.A. and Loughlin, C. (2010) Individually considerate transformational leadership behavior and self sacrifice. Leadership & Organization Development Journal, 31(8) pp.670-686|

AIM/PURPOSE OF THIS PAPER| The aim/purpose of this paper is:a) To investigate how and to which extent leaders engage in individually considerate transformational leadership behavior with focus on the developmental, supportive and self sacrificial aspects of this behavior. b) To investigate the degree of Developmental versus Supportive aspects of Individual Consideration as a major component of transformational leadership style.|

Research Methodology used:| Qualitative |
Data Type:| Primary data: Semi-structured telephone interviews and discussion with key informants. Secondary Data: Review of written material from the public sector organizations related to leadership training and development program| Population sets:| Senior Leaders in both public and private sectors from five (5) provinces in Canada which consisted of both males and females.| Sources of Information:| Senior Leaders, written reports and key informants| Sample used:| Canada = 51 senior leaders; 30 in the private sector (11 females and 19 males) and 21 in the public sector (10 females 11 males).| Sampling method:| Purposive sampling technique which is a form of Nonprobability sampling| Data collection method:| Telephone interviews, written reports in regards to the context and discussion with key informants.| Data Analysis Method:| a) Blended Grounded Theory: Theory derived from data, systematically gathered and analyzed through the research process (Bryman & Bell,2007) b) Content Analysis through the use of Nvivo 7.0 software|

Findings of this research include the following:
* Leaders tend to engage more in the supportive aspect rather than the developmental aspect of individually considerate transformational behaviour. * Leaders can engage in self sacrificial ways or otherwise for both the supportive and developmental aspects of individually considerate behaviour. * Gender concerns crop up as males are less likely to report in engaging in self sacrificial ways when developing their employees than females. VALUE OF THE PAPER

Although this paper has a point by shedding more light on possible Gender variations in self-sacrifice of leaders with regards to development, its small sample size defies the norm of generalisabilty of concepts discovered. An obvious finding it is that leaders engage less in developmental aspect of leadership over the supportive because leaders are faced with greater pressure to perform in the face of limited resources of time and money in the bid to cut cost. Nevertheless this would serve as an Organisational development and behavioral management tool. SUBJECT CONTEXT OF THE PAPAER

The Individually considerate transformational leadership behavior and sacrifice research paper is seen to have adopted the positivist research philosophy and encompasses disciplines of study such as Organisational Development, Sexology, Behavioural Psychology, Leadership studies. Therefore the type of people or individuals that this material would be of relevance and much help to include Leaders, Managers, Employee representatives, Psychologists, Feminists, Academics (Researchers & students), Guidance counselors and Management consultants.

* The literature review of this paper which was highly focused on research gave a wonderful insight of what research work had been done in the past with regards to this topic in which I must hail the researchers. However, to a first time reader it lacked a key definition of transformational leadership. It is not only about its components but how does an individual without knowledge of this style of leadership understand...
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