Critique of Social Media Marketing Campaign

Topics: Social media, Twitter, Click Pages: 2 (776 words) Published: October 7, 2012
Campaign: Eaton Corporation – Things Have Changed
Eaton Corporation is a leading global diversified power management company mostly known for providing electric components in the aerospace or hydraulics sector. In September 2011, Eaton decided to launch a marketing campaign called “Things Have Changed” to highlight Eaton’s expertise in information technology (IT) and data center solutions. The target audience of the marketing campaign was mainly the IT professionals. Eaton was trying to market its power management product offering to the IT professionals and create awareness through its website –, by means of different social media platforms along with other traditional means of advertising. Promise: The main promise here was the power management product offerings to meet the demands of the IT professionals working long hours in office. Eaton wanted to drive audience to their site which was dedicated to the IT needs. Additionally the campaign encouraged the IT companies and professionals to visit their website by keeping the “Space Lift” competition in which one company could win Eaton power management product valued up to $10,000 and a work space makeover of additional $10,000. Prizes such as ergonomic chairs, touch screen, and other things that an IT savvy person would value were offered. Overall, it was a good promise. All the things offered were relevant to the target audience. Moreover after visiting the website the visitors would learn about the product offering which could meet their needs. Tool: Eaton Corporation launched this campaign at VMworld and supplemented it through Facebook and twitter. VMworld is conference held by VMware for the IT professionals focusing on virtual servers. This was a good idea as they could reach their target audience. They also created a Facebook page and used twitter to create awareness. The Facebook page for switch on Eaton has just 143 likes and the twitter account has about 100...
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